Episode #80 “Stop comparing your Jiu Jitsu”

It’s an easy mindset to get in when on the Jiu Jitsu journey. How well do I stack up in comparison to others in my gym and in competition?  Logically, if I can beat someone that’s higher ranking than my, then I should be at that rank right…? Wrong!

A bunch of problems arise with this mentality. The first is, if the people in your gym train as much as you do or more, you’ll never catch up to their skill level. They’re always going to be ahead of you in the learning process. 

Besides that, it’s a good way to feel bad about your progress. Depending on your level of commitment, chances are there are always those who have the time and gumption to out train you. If you let this bother you you’ll be in for a sad ride. 

Just do your best to keep creating the best version of yourself and to continually improve and your time spent learning BJJ will be significantly more enjoyable.

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