Episode #81 “How to deal with unintentional injuries in BJJ”

The boys talk about when to feel bad about hurting your teammates and when you need to let it go and give yourself a break. Paul read a Jiu Jitsu Times article about this and thought it made a lot of sense, so we decided to cover it on the show. 

We understand that accidents happen in BJJ, more so when you’re a beginner and don’t have a lot of body awareness yet. The chances are real good that you end up hurting someone during a roll. Thankfully, the more experienced you get, the less likely this is to occur!

As we discussed on the show, so long as you’re not a sociopath, you’re probably going to feel awful about injuring your training partners. While this is healthy, you need to learn when to just let it go. 

We also figured out during the show that when it happens to be you getting injured all the time then you just may be the problem. If you’re they common denominator all the time when injuries happen whether to you or your training partners, you should look into fixing the problem… in this case, you. 

So long story short, if you keep injuring your partners then change yourself. If you occasionally once in awhile end up hurting someone, appropriately apologize and move on.

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