Episode #84 “Why is everyone afraid to try Jiu Jitsu”

Of all the things people can pick up as either a sport, hobby, workout, or way to defend themselves, BJJ is one of the most intimidating to try. 

The boys talk about why this is… or at least some of the more common reasons why people will tend to shy away from giving Jiu Jitsu the ol’ college try. 

Everyone has their own personal reasons for not wanting to go, but a few stand out. A big one is that it simply doesn’t look like fun. What with all the bodies rolling around covered in sweat… They simply just don’t understand the joy of how fun that really is despite how it looks. 

Many people think they simply don’t need any sort of self defense because either they think they’re already tough enough or they’ll never end up in a fight anyhow. Kroyler puts these two thoughts into a better perspective. 

Sometimes even when you want to try it out you’ll show up to a gym to check it out. And when you see some of the savages that are rolling there you might get intimidated. Sometimes many people just look like killers, it doesn’t mean they’re not the nicest people you’ll ever meet though…

Moral of the story is, put you fears and qualms aside and try out a class or three. The chances are good that you find yourself quite enjoying it after you get started.

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