Episode #85 “What is the difference between an baby blue and purple belt”

On this episode the boys wanted to ask Kroyler his opinion about the difference in abilities between a baby blue belt and a baby purple belt. 

First they define what each of them are. How should you roll and what your knowledge levels should be respectively. These are just baselines and not the be all end all of what you should or shouldn’t be when you reach or are about to reach these levels, but things to keep in mind and strive for. 

Depending on the culture of your gym and how they handle promotions your experience becoming either belt might be different but more or less the ideas presented by Kroyler holds true. 

When you get your blue belt you realize that the upper belts were just taking it easy on you and the white belts just put a target on your back. 

When you get to purple people just simply stop taking it easy on you because now you should know better than to make stupid mistakes and lesser belts are always looking to tap a senior belt, and because you’re a brand new senior belt you happen to be the easiest target. 

Remember to not hold your ego in whatever belt you have, always roll to the level of the person you’re rolling with despite their rank, and always look for continued improvement. Beyond that, just have fun and enjoy your game at whatever level you happen to be at.

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