Episode #88 “What is game planning for BJJ”

This week the boys got a special pro tip from Chris Papandria all about game planning in Jiu Jitsu. This is not to be confusing with building your game, but it has similarities. 

We realize that it’s hard enough to talk anyone into taking notes of any kind, but bear with us. This could help you reach a new level in at least your competitions. 

Chris talks about the importance of having a well defined game plan going into a competition. One that revolves around your A-Game. Think about your core competencies in BJJ and try and impose that upon your opponents. 

This shouldn’t be limited to just your way if controlling the match, but your best defense and escapes from each position as well. We want everything to be clearly outlined before we (by we I mean you) step foot on the mats. 

Your coach should be a part of your game plan as well so he or she is on the same page as you and not yelling instructions that you aren’t trying to implement. On that same token Chris suggests that you have code words for the techniques you want to use so as not to tip off your opponent to what you’re trying to do. 

We think that if you implement and think about game planning before each competition, you’ll see a clear improvement in future outcomes. 

After the boys finish demolishing Chris’s pro tip, they read an email from Paul Elliot about what he looks for before deciding whether or not to promote someone to the next belt. He brings up his car in the email which we found endearing and didn’t give him a hard time about it at all….

After much thanks and gratitude towards Paul for the lovely email, we talked a bit about what’s going on in our own Jiu Jitsu journeys…

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