About Us

The Show

Welcome to the Grappling Dads Podcast! We’re two old dudes who love Jiu Jitsu, and we happen to be fathers. Hence the name: Grappling Dads.

We’re a weekly podcast that answers the questions you’re constantly thinking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While our knowledge is limited at best, we go to the real expert – Kroyler Gracie – to get way too much detail that we struggle to understand. That’s right, we’re the conduit to a member of the Gracie family and we can’t read good.

Each week we loosely focus on a topic regarding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, such as how to start a roll, Gi vs. NoGi, how to keep your kids involved, farting during a roll, and many more insightful topics. The answer is always Gi, no questions asked. We will fight you. We also take listener comments and questions and try to respond in a timely manner (aka whenever someone checks the email inbox).

Remember to always trust the technique (aside from actual podcasting skill) and join us on your Jiu Jitsu Journey (we hate ourselves too).


Kip Dice

A father of three girls who all love BJJ, with two who practice on the regular, it’s safe to say Jiu Jitsu runs in the family. Oh, and his wife Jenn is lethal and will choke you before you realize you’re in a bad position. Dinners at the Dice household are fairly interesting (don’t ask for dessert if you’re smart).

It’s safe to think of Kip as the old guy from the movie UP: he won’t acknowledge you and he’ll grumble about you relentlessly, but he’ll take the time to show a white belt some things if he sees your passion.

Off the mats, Kip enjoys hitting the links, enjoying an adult beverage amongst friends, and hanging out with the family by the pool. Through this podcast, Kip hopes to reinforce his need for being the center of attention, yet somehow still provide knowledge on the great sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Paul Parrotte

Paul is father of two girls who practice Jiu Jitsu regularly, and can often be seen hanging off Paul’s arms as they attempt to arm bar their father. Pretty normal in the life of a Grappling Dad. His wife Nicole does not train in BJJ, but could still kick his ass. Paul is that bad at Jiu Jitsu.

Often considered the wind beneath the wings of white belts, Paul often takes newbies to the sport aside and tries to teach them a thing or two. And when they still don’t understand, he mocks them relentlessly, teaches them again, and then mocks them again. He pretends he’ll be a blue belt for life, but in 100 years he may get another stripe added.

Paul has been training in Jiu Jitsu off and on since 2009, taking time off for injuries, work and family. It’s questionable if he has hobbies outside of BJJ, because it’s literally all he ever talks about. Having fought in the octagon once (no really… he did it), he has come to appreciate the aspect of not getting punched and kicked in the face. Let’s be honest, he wasn’t getting any prettier.