Episode #83 “Is my Jiu Jitsu getting worse?”

The boys talk about the feeling most people get in Jiu Jitsu after the initial wave of understanding what they’re doing. That is to say, why does it feel like I’m actually getting worse in Jiu Jitsu???

At first it feels like you’re making some pretty good strides in your BJJ learning curve. The “aha” moment come quickly and at least you’re not doing the dumbest of the dumb things you can do on the mat. 

After that initial growth period you sometimes come to a point when you feel like you’re regressing when you roll. This can be contributed to a number of things, but mostly it’s all just in your head. 

Oddly, when most people get their blue belt a couple of things happen. 

1. Blue belts and above don’t roll quite as nicely with you, which has the affect of making you feel worse…

2. White belts try to prove themselves at your expense because they want what you have. That of course makes all your rolls harder. 

Does this mean that you are getting worse at Jiu Jitsu?  Of course not…but with a couple exceptions. They have to do with the quality of your training. Suffice it to say, if you have a good academy and training partners, the chances of regression are slim to none.

Episode #82 “Preparing for a BJJ competition”

Yeah, it’s not their forte, but the boys have enough friends competing and listener emails about Jiu Jitsu competition preparation that they thought it pertinent to ask for a Kroyler Gracie pro tip on the subject. 

While Kip and Paul never plan on doing any competitions, their kids do, so they have a vested interest in how to prepare to set yourself up for success. 

As it turns out, you’ll prepare differently depending on what kind of competition it is, how long you’ve been training, and other variables. 

Many people assume that if I want to get ready to compete then I should concentrate on strength, fitness, and endurance. Turns out this isn’t necessarily true. Not to say that you shouldn’t have a decent base level of all these things, buts it’s not what you should be focused on in your preparations. 

At the highest level most people are generally jacked…but their skill levels are all just about equal and extra athletesism could be just the ticket to get the gold. Chances are though, that extra skills would do them more good…as it will you too. 

Basically, your time is better spend on skill acquisition and less in physical training.